Microtrans is a young and dynamic enterprise committed to innovate advance design and technology to meet the solution for constant changes and rapid growth of traffic complexities. Over the years, Microtrans has been establishing itself as one of the leading manufacturers and system integrators of Traffic management products and systems. Microtrans is an accredited ISO 9001: 2015 public limited company, design and manufacture most innovative traffic management products compliance EN12368, EN12966, CE and RoHS directive and IP 65 rating. Our product ranges comprise of 500 + product model under Microtrans Brand. We have executed numerous turnkey projects for SITC of Road Traffic Management Systems in India and exporting products in several countries.

At present, the company focus on turnkey project of Intelligent Traffic Management system, Adaptive Traffic Control System, Smart City Surveillance System, Variable Message Display System, Smart Parking management Systems and other areas of research and development and business layout to enhance the company’s core competitiveness and continued profitability. In the future, Microtrans will continue to practice with the concept of “innovation and technology to enrich safety of human life”. The company’s corporate vision is committed to “become the world’s leading traffic management company”.


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Smart Count Down Timer (RGB Full Colour)

Latest innovation of Microtrans is Smart Traffic Count Down Timer, Microtrans have successfully accomplished installation and commissioning of over 500 Smart Count down timer for Area Traffic Control System Project in various Smart Cities and exported in some of neighbouring Countries.

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Ground Traffic Signal

In quest of innovation advance design and technology, Microtrans introduce Ground Traffic Signal System in India which can be synchronized with your current traffic signals and also work independently, Static, running or flash display modes for choice.

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Wireless Remote-Controlled Traffic Light

WRCTL is Traffic Light can be operated remotely. When press the button marked Red, the red light goes on and the green one goes off. when press the button marked green, the green light goes on and the red one goes off.

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Audible Pedestrian Bollards

Audible Pedestrian Bollards are perhaps the most effective and most versatile of all pedestrian’s safety products. Main APD and subsidiary bollard are installed side by side at one side of zebra crossing. Make sure the infrared sensor windows of two bollards face to face and at the same level.

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