APD (Audible Pedestrian Bollard)

Audible Pedestrian Bollards are perhaps the most effective and most versatile of all pedestrian’s safety products. Main APD and subsidiary bollard are installed side by side at one side of zebra crossing. Make sure the infrared sensor windows of two bollards face to face and at the same level. Connect the bollard to the closest pedestrian directly.

To make safer, we can choose installing a controller box to convert the voltage from 220vac or 120vac to 24vdc. Four cores sheathed wire can be chosen for connecting the two bollards.If people go cross between two bollards at red light, the speaker will send out warning sound, such as “RED LIGT NOW,PLEASE DON’T CROSS”.

Features :

  • If people cross the street at red light, the speaker will send out warning sound.
  • Different sound levels at day and at night to reduce the sound pollution at night.
  • Easy to install and connect to existing pedestrian lantern directly

Application :
Road Traffic Management System, Intelligent Traffic Management System, Traffic Control Systems, Road Safety System, Traffic Control and Management, Highway Traffic Management, Area Traffic Control System, Pedestrian Traffic Control system. Pedestrian Signal systems

Voltage Material Lamp Sensor distance Power Dimension Sound Level Operation Temperature
DC24V Cold rolled sheet Red and Green 0~6m ≤7W Ø168*1000 mm Two different levels at day and at night -20℃ ~ 75℃

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