Traffic Signals Operations and Maintenance

MICROTRANS Traffic Signals O & M programme includes the preventative and responsive activities to achieve the goal of an ideal Traffic Signal systems, not just for the movement of traffic, but also for a safer environment that supports smooth traffic mobility, pedestrian walking, bicycling and public transportation. We will provide comprehensive O & M services of the entire traffic signals system in accordance with the specified performance requirements.

We will establish and maintain the needed infrastructure during the maintenance period and will preserve adequately stock all spares to ensure minimum down time of the system. During the period of O & M, Service/repair complaints received will be attended by O&M team within Four (4) hours from the time of complaint registered. The defective equipment will be repaired or replaced the same day. In case of major defects requiring the defective equipment to be taken out, the equipment shall be returned within mutually agreed time duly repaired and functional.

In the interim period, a substitute item/equipment will be deployed by us to ensure continuous operation of the Traffic Signals. Apart from the Complaints, Traffic Engineer will visit the site once every fortnight to assess the serviceability of the Traffic Signal System and once in every 03 months to carry out the Preventive activities and diagnostics of the system during the Warranty and Maintenance Period.

Traffic Signal Operations and Maintenance programme work plan

- O & M field Engineer will patrol the intersections to observe and ensure proper functioning of Traffic Signals systems

- Field Engineer will coordinate with Traffic Police, Municipality, and other stakeholders for any change in programme and timings of Traffic Signals at intersections.

- Customer Care attend complaints through phone call, Email and website and responded through (phone calls, emails etc).

Routine check-up of Entire Traffic Signals at intersection and ensure proper functioning of entire systems and take preventive actions

Traffic Engineer will visit the intersections to assess the Serviceability of the Traffic Signal System.

Submission of copies of complaint log-books
Conduct program upload and comparisons (monthly recommended) for all traffic signals to ensure correct timing plans are running

Cleaning of Signal head assemblies with lenses including outsides of signal assemblies
Testing of cables for continuity by megger & tightening of cables
Denting & Painting of Traffic Signals Pole (if required)
Update software and other peripherals for improve the functioning of entire systems (if required).

Conduct yearly review of O & M contracts and a comparison of the number of complaints versus preventative maintenance frequencies should assist the optimizing a preventative maintenance schedule and task.
Recommendations for improvement of traffic signal infrastructures by assessing alternative controls such as roundabouts, crosswalk, road marking, signages etc.

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