Area Traffic Control System (ATCS)

ATCS is an intelligent real time dynamic traffic control solution that usually includes algorithms that adjusts Traffic Signal programme; Cycle length, splits, offsets and phase sequence in real time. The ATCS have been tested and successfully deployed at number of intersections in India. It is an intelligent traffic control system that use data from vehicle detectors and optimize the traffic signal timing of a network of intersection by evaluating the real time traffic demand in the area. The system operates in real time with capacity to calculate optimal cycle time, and feeds input to the junction traffic controllers. Idea of ATCS is to reduce delays, shorter queues and decreased travel times.

Major components of Area Traffic Control Solutions

  • Adaptive Traffic Signal Controller
  • Vehicle Detection Camera
  • ATCS application Software
  • Communication Network
  • Central Control Station
Adaptive Traffic Signal Controller
Adaptive Traffic Signal Controller is a dynamic vehicle actuated traffic control system which adapts signal timings automatically based on the real time traffic demand at intersection. Adaptive traffic controller use data from vehicle detectors and optimize the traffic signal timings and plan. This Controller is having features to perform at isolated intersection or as part of a synchronized network of Intersections. The Controller supports remote monitoring and management of Signal plans over various medium of communication network.

Modes of operation

  • Pre-timed
  • Vehicle Actuated
    • Split Optimized
    • Cycle Optimized
    • Semi Actuated
  • ATCS
  • Manual Control
  • Hurry Call
  • Cable less Linking (Synchronization)

Vehicle Detection Camera
Vehicle Detector is a digital camera equipped with in built vehicle presence sensor which detect moving and stationary vehicle at signalized intersections. It transmits vehicle presence information to Adaptive Traffic Signal Controller via detection outputs or secure TCIP/IP communication for responsive signal timings.

ATCS Application Software
ATCS application software run on Linux system, also supports remote upgrading and maintenance via the network port. It uses open source database such as PostgreSQL. ATCS application use data from vehicle detection camera and optimize signal timings of traffic controller in the network of intersection by evaluating the real time traffic demand in the area. ATCS Application use three optimization techniques, Split, Area and Offset optimization, similar to the SCOOT.

Communication Network
Communication Network is the intermediate part which allow to communicate between central control station and remote end junction traffic controller. A computer system that is connected to all traffic signal controller under the ATCS through the communication network. ATCS application software runs at the central control station computer that generate, monitor and manage signal plans for the linked intersections. Wired and wireless communication technology can be used in communication network include fiber-optic, WiFi, GPRS, GSM and telephone lines.

Central Control Station
Central Control Station is established to monitor, manage and control all the traffic signal controller remotely. Computer server is equipped with Traffic Signal Monitoring and Management Software it is Human Machine Interface graphic software toconfigure, visualize real traffic patterns and control the traffic signals remotely. It allows traffic engineer to access the data in different visual formats such as Trends, Charts, Reports and Remote Animation Screens. CCS facilitate Traffic Engineer and Planner tonavigate, download, andconfigure remote end junction controller.

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