Speed Control & Dynamic Sign

Speed Control and Dynamic Sign is an autonomous LED display product for Intelligent Transportation System. Its purpose is to promptly and dynamically display Speed limit and Control Dynamic Sign to inform and warn motorist speed limit, current traffic conditions and other information.

It can display information sent by the traffic control and monitoring Centre either automatically or manually as well as locally from a Laptop or Desktop.

Application :
Speed Control and Dynamic Sign is widely used in Highway Traffic Management System, Road Traffic Management System, Tunnel Traffic Management System, Open Motorways Traffic Control System, Toll Management System, Construction Site, Energy and Mining and Public Safety

Salient Features

  • Deliver message on real time from remote control or local computer
  • Modular design & Customization for Dimensions, colour, Pixel Pitch
  • No phantom effect as LEDs are directly exposed and improve display uniformity
  • In built controller function to monitor its temperature, humidity, health and power
  • Constant current drivers & controlled temperature prolong the LEDs life span
  • Photo sensor for automatic luminance control as per ambient
  • Mechanically designed Mild Steel Enclosure avoids accumulation ofdirt, dust, entry of water and rear door facilitates easy repair and maintenance

Technical Specification

  • Modular Design & Product Customization (Dimension, Colour, Pixel Pitch and Number of lines)
  • Pixel Pitch 8mm to 40mm
  • Single Colour, Multi Colour and Full Colour
  • Multiple Communication Interfaces Communication interfaces: RS 485, RS232, Ethernet
  • GSM/GPRS, WiFi, RF link communication (optional)
  • Automatic Fault and Error Detection
  • Custom Support can display any language, any traffic symbol in any size and style. (Window Based Software)
  • Automatic Luminance control and software based as well
  • Enclosure – Mild Steel and Aluminium

Static Useful Information

  • Public Message
  • Event Updates
  • Warning Message
  • Do and Don’ts Message

Real Time Data

  • Traffic Congestion Level
  • Estimated Journey time
  • Weather Forecast
  • Parking Information
  • Emergency Message
  • Air Quality Index

Other Application

  • Public Announcement
  • Accident Information
  • Public Awareness campaign
  • Directional Sign


  • Real time Data communication
  • Modular Design
  • EN 12966 Compliance
  • In built health monitoring
  • Product Customization

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10+ years professional experience

ISO 9001: 2015 Certification

EN12368, EN12966, CE and RoHS directive and IP 65 Certified


5 years Warranty