WRCTL ( Wireless Remote Controlled Traffic Light)

WRCTL is Traffic Light can be operated remotely. When press the button marked Red, the red light goes on and the green one goes off. when press the button marked green, the green light goes on and the red one goes off. When press the button “OFF”, the lights are both off. Traffic Light with wireless remote controller are available in 200mm and 300mm diameter and Working voltage 12V DC / 24V DC and 220V AC

Application :
Semi Manual Traffic Control Systems, Road Safety System, Traffic Control and Management, Parking traffic Control, Factory Entry Gate, Cargo Ware house traffic Control systems.

Salient Features

  • It can be operated from distance >100m.
  • Easy to install
  • Long Life.

Technical Specification

Sr. No. Model Technology Type Size(Diameter Colour
1 M Remote TL3 LED& Wireless Vehicular Traffic Signal 300mm Red & Green
2 M Remote TL2 LED& Wireless Vehicular Traffic Signal 200mm Red & Green
3 M Remote PL3 LED& Wireless Pedestrian Signal 300mm Red & Green
4 M Remote TL4 LED & Wireless Pedestrian Signal 200mm Red & Green
5 Customization Product customization or Product personalization is also available
6 Signal head housing Polycarbonate / Mild Steel / Aluminium
7 Operating Voltage AC Main - 110V AC to 260V AC & 12V DC / 24V DC
8 Operating Temperature - 10 deg C to +70 deg C

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