Arrow Chevron

Arrow Chevron is an autonomous LED Directional Flashing Arrow Sign Its purpose is to inform and warn motorist about diversions, blind or sharp turns where the motorist are unable to judge the route or direction. It can be programmed for sequential arrow movement LEFT & RIGHT Arrow interchangeable design.

Application : Arrow Chevron is widely used in Highway Traffic Management System, Road Traffic Management System, Tunnel Traffic Management System, Open Motorways Traffic Control System, Toll Management System, Construction Site, Energy and Mining and Public Safety

Salient Features

  • Weather Resistant: Holds up to all types of weather
  • Long Lasting LEDs: LEDs have >100,000hour lifetime, and batteries may be changed when needed
  • High Visibility: >500mtrs
  • AC & DC Operated: can be used Electricity supply and solar battery backup system
  • Display Colour: Red / Amber / White (Customization)
  • Programmable: Sequential Arrow movement and Left & Right Arrow Direction interchanged

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12+ years professional experience

ISO 9001: 2015 Certification

EN12368, EN12966, CE and RoHS directive and IP 65 Certified


5 years Warranty