Alert Motorist in a synchronized manner of Traffic Signal systems. SCDT acts in same colour order of Traffic Signal – Red, Amber and Green with Message, Stop, Wait and Go with reverse count down.

In quest of innovation advance design and technology, Microtrans introduce Ground Traffic Signal System in India which can be synchronized with your current traffic signals and also work independently

Can be operated remotely. When press the button marked Red, the red light goes on and the green one goes off. when press the button marked green, the green light goes on and the red one goes off.

The most innovative and most versatile of all pedestrian’s safety products. If people go cross between two bollards at red light, the speaker will send out warning sound, such as “RED LIGT NOW,PLEASE DON’T CROSS ROAD.

Ground Traffic Signal light is constructed by die casting of high strength alloy aluminium.

Best part of our technology is Built in high precision ADC and high speed PWM can realise wide voltage input, dynamically adjust brightness temperature and not dazzling.

It supports TCP / IP, Wifi, 4G, CAN, RS 232, 485 communication facilitating functional expansion on demand.

Ground Traffic Signal systems is being used in several applications;

Pedestrian Zebra Crossing

Tunnel Vehicle Lane Control

Road Vehicle Lane Control

Road Traffic Signal Stop Line Control