Solar Powered Street Light

The Solar Powered LED Street Light is a standalone system designed for outdoor application. The system is provided with automatic sensors and a battery backup for dusk to dawn operation. Our Solar Powered LED Street Light is robust, rugged and 100% water proof.

System Components

  • Luminaire - LED
  • Solar module
  • Sealed maintenance free battery
  • Battery box integrated to the pole
  • Solar charge controller
  • Pole
  • Arm
  • Support structure, array cable, battery cable

Key Features

  • High power, state-of-the art LED. This gives the systems a luminous efficiency greater than 100lm/W The LED life is greater than 50, 000 hours
  • Specially designed luminaire - this allows for a wider spread of light, covering a minimum of 8 ft in diameter and spread of light sufficient for 10m spacing between poles
  • Sealed Lead Acid battery - this gives the systems long life maintenance free.
  • Integrated design with various components such as battery, solar module, charge controller & luminary - this ensures maximum energy efficiency. The compact design gives the system a sleek appearance
  • Solar charge controller - prevents the battery from being overcharged, deep discharged and also protects the lamp from short-circuiting
  • Autonomy of 2 days - This ensures that the system works even under cloudy conditions


10+ years professional experience

ISO 9001: 2015 Certification

EN12368, EN12966, CE and RoHS directive and IP 65 Certified


5 years Warranty